Oman crime: Three held for Buraimi robbery

Al Buraimi: Police have arrested the three thieves, two Omanis and one Asian, who had robbed the manager of a money exchange on Sunday in the Wilayat of Buraimi, a responsible source at the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said.

The source said, "When the manager was leaving the office, they threatened him with a weapon and robbed him of his briefcase, which contained OMR108,000. Then they fled the place."

The ROP source added, "Immediately after receiving the notification, the Buraimi Police Station formed an investigation team from the Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department under the Police Command of  Al Buraimi governorate to conduct the required search for the accused. The team identified and arrested the accused from their hideout in the Wilayat of  Buraimi. Then, they were arrested with the money in their possession."

The source said that they had stolen one vehicle to use in the crime and later set it on fire. They then stole another vehicle for use while fleeing.


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