Oman Air placed among world’s top ten airlines

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Muscat: Business Insider, the US-based global business news website with 38.4 million monthly unique visitors, has placed Oman Air in its just published list of the top ten best airlines of the world for flying Economy Class.

Oman Air bagged the ninth place in the list, beating many of the best-known giants of the aviation industry, in areas such as passenger experience.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Oman Air, Salim Al Kindy, welcomed the list's publication, saying, "We are proud and delighted that Business Insider has recognised the outstanding quality offered by Oman Air and has listed us as one of the ten best airlines in the world. Oman Air's long haul Economy Class experience offers extremely high levels of space and comfort, outstanding service and superb in-flight technology, including mobile phone and wi-fi connectivity, large personal entertainment screens, live satellite TV and all the latest movies and music."

The Business Insider World's Best Airlines list was compiled using the criteria of the quality of passenger experience and the airline's punctuality.

The passenger experience was assessed using data supplied by Skytrax, the independent airline quality experts, and covering seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, cabin cleanliness and condition, quality of meals served, service efficiency and cabin safety.

Data on airline punctuality covered the period from April 1 to May 31, 2014 and was supplied by The punctuality figure included the performance of codeshare partners and was given a 30 per cent weight in the final results, whilst the passenger experience was given 70 per cent weight to reflect customers' priorities.


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Reader Comments


Mr. Salim Kindly. Do accept my best wishes ......."reach for the sky". CONGRATULATIONS !!!

All De best my Oman air.

Congrats oman air. A well deserving reward.

Congratulations ! Oman air


Congratulation to Oman air, they have been working hard to achieve this result. They still have the potential on being the best if the would improve their food a little.. all the best.

Respected CEO
This is a fantastic achievement by Oman Air and I would like to congratulate all of their team for being placed among worlds top ten airlines.
Im a Pakistani working in Oman for the last two and a half year and I go Pakistan on yearly basis and my first choice is Oman Airline on which my family has full confidence. I also go around Oman to Fahud, Marmul and Salalah using Oman airline and always found it satisfactory, timings are perfect, service excellent, landing and take off is smooth which is the main concern for my daughter (9 years old). Food is hot and tasty, crew staff is very humble. Airports are neat and clean and service perfect. Once again from me and my family congratulations to Oman Air, keep it up.

Dr. Atif Ahmad Jan