3D product of the Times of Oman's 2014 Fifa World Cup supplement strikes a chord with readers

Photo - Shabin E/Times of Oman

Muscat: Readers have lauded the 3D production of the Times of Oman's 2014 Fifa World Cup Supplement and many expect that the newspaper would add the three dimensional print technology as part of its permanent production work. Some of the readers called for continued experiments and improvements in 3D print production quality.

After the newspaper was delivered to the readers yesterday, a team of the newspaper's photographers and a reporter spoke to some readers to gauge their reaction.

Mohammad Khudr of Lebanon said that it was a positive development in terms of newspaper production. It is a costly affair to produce a newspaper in 3D. It reflects innovative thinking in production and needs to be further improved, he said. Qizar Hassan, an Indian, said that it was really good to see photos in 3D.


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