Majlis Al Shura in Oman welcomes His Majesty’s order to postpone the Council of Ministers' decision

Majlis Al Shura in session. File photo

Muscat: The Majlis Al Shura has welcomed His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's order to postpone the Council of Ministers' decision, keeping in abeyance the economic laws to regulate the market.

Majlis Al Shura Chairman Sheikh Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma'awali said they were happy with His Majesty's order as it has brought a sense of joy and satisfaction among people living in this happy and fortunate land.

On behalf of all the Majlis members, he expressed the deepest thanks and gratitude, coupled with feelings of reverence and loyalty to His Majesty the Sultan. "Majlis appreciates the philosophy of free market economy on which the national economy runs," he said.


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Sure His Majesty the Sultan is the wisest of leaders, and that is why Oman is a peaceful country, the people enjoy human rights, and live a more prosperous life compare to other countries.