Oman Lulu workers end their strike, return to work

A view of the Lulu hypermarket in Darsait, Muscat. File photo

Muscat: National employees who were on strike for the last three days in Lulu outlets have ended their strike on Sunday afternoon.

The Omanis were on strike demanding better pay, bonus and other facilities including rising of Omanisation level in the outlets.

"Our representatives held talks with government, trade union and company officials. The talks were fruitful. All the parties have reached an amicable solution. So, we have ended our strike and have returned to work by 12:30pm," employees who were on strike told Times of Oman.

Business at Lulu's three outlets in Muscat and other outlets across Oman was reportedly hit by the three-day strike.

According to Ministry of Manpower officials, who held talks with the striking employees in the presence of the Lulu management, trade union officials and Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry officials, the talks were fruitful.

"A solution has been reached to provide health insurance coverage to all Omani workers at Lulu regardless of their service status. A panel will be set up to study the restructuring of the salary and a committee including all parties will be formed to look into the issues periodically and find solutions for them," the ministry official said in an email statement to Times of Oman just hours after the talks.

After the talks, Nabhan Al Battashi, chairman of General Federation of Oman Trade Unions, said that a special panel will formed to keep a tab on the welfare status of the workers and field visits will be held to check the implementation of the promises.


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Reader Comments

People who are commenting against locals should remember, You are living in a great country, where you are getting equality.If locals are getting better salary, thats their right and if you are not satisfied with your salary then just leave the job and search for other. Dont think if they are lazy or whatever, do your duty as well if you love your job. This is the way all expat should follow. At least think that suppose if you are right now in iraq or Syira, you will worry about own life than salary. so love this peaceful country.

All these years in oman, say 3 decades, whenever we went on leave, we proudly mentioned to all our relatives , near and dear, that we live in a country where people are matured enough and responsible. Never in past have we come across such an incident. An eye opener. that is all

If the employees were already on the pay stipulated by government, the strike was uncalled-for........If the Management, on the other hand, were withholding the benefits Oman government stipulates for all employers to be given to the employees, then the industrial action was perfectly justifiable. ........the newspaper hardly sheds much light on this dimension

good article.