New water meters to be installed in Oman

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Muscat: A drive has been launched to phase out all existing water meters installed in buildings all over the country and replace these with new metres, by the Public Authority of Electricity and Water (PAEW), according to a notification issued by it.

The PAEW has urged all its subscribers across the country to remove all the external boxes installed to protect the water meters with immediate effect so that the engineers can replace them. "The authorities are going to change the water meters of customers all over Oman "at the government expense and as per the objectives and terms of references of the PAEW," it said.

The PAEW, the regulator and supplier of water and electricity in the country, supplies nearly 650,000 cubic metres of potable water per day to a population of more than 1.5 million in Oman.

The rising demand of piped water with growth in population is understood to have prompted the authorities to strengthen their existing infrastructure, including billing meters before embarking on their expansion plan.

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