Julia Roberts' half-sister blamed actress, family for death

Julia Roberts. Photo - AFP

Julia Roberts` half-sister Nancy Motes claimed in a handwritten suicide note that her `so-called siblings` and mother were the ones who `drove me into the deepest depression`.

Mores passed away earlier this year, reportedly. "My mother and so-called `siblings` get nothing except the memory that they are the ones that drove me into the deepest depression I`ve ever been in," read the note.

"I`ve suffered through this disease all my life, however it has never been this bad. I burst into tears every morning (because) I woke up," the note further read.

The Los Angeles County Coroner concluded that Motes committed suicide in February by downing various drugs and climbing into a bathtub filled with water.

Addressing her fiance John Dilbeck, Motes wrote, "I know this will effect (sic) you the most and I can`t apologise enough. I was truly blessed and lucky to have you as my true love and best friend. I will carry you with me forever."


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