Bin there, Done that - New waste bins crop up in Muscat

A view of underground bins installed in the Central Bank of Oman street in Muttrah Business District, Muscat. Photo - Hi Weekly
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In line with assurances from the Muscat Municipality to introduce an internationally-popular system of waste collection in some parts of Muscat, new bins for collecting and segregating waste have cropped up in different parts of Muttrah Business District (MBD) and Central Business District (CBD) in early June, as reported by Hi weekly on May 2, 2014.

The civic body had decided to pilot the project in MBD and CBD, two busy localities in the capital region with numerous business establishments, restaurants and supermarkets, before extending it to other areas. Installation of these units was taken up after relaying of underground utility cables (electricity, water and telecom) in the designated areas.

The underground waste bins consist of a receiver drum and container. Waste has to be deposited in the receiver unit at the street level. It goes straight into a container encased in a metal frame and sunk inside a concrete sleeve. Garbage collection cars will be employed to regularly empty the underground containers using hydraulic lifts.

According to Ahmed Noori Al Raisi, Deputy Director of Environmental Health, Directorate of Health Affairs, Muscat Municipality, MBD and CBD will now sport a cleaner and neater look.


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