Watch video: Trucker swept away after risking wrath of wadi in Oman

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Muscat: Despite the repeated warnings from the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to drivers against venturing out to low-lying areas and crossing overflowing wadis during rain, a video grab shows here how a driver wades his trailer through an overflowing Wadi Hebi Ahen in Sohar risking his life.

The vehicle, which succeeded in traversing half of the crossing, later drifted downwards due to strong currents. However, the driver, who managed to get out of the vehicle, was seen sitting on the drifting trailer. The video, which was uploaded on July 3, 2014, has received more than 34,000 views by Saturday.


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Reader Comments

What ever ! never ever be tempted to cross the wadi u never know, you can be always a good judge anyhow, The better solution for you, your family and friends always try to keep a distance before involving yourself into something secondly think positively and then take a right decision. "Always theres time to do things right"

DESPITE ROP warning the driver is not obeying the instruction ,better rop can cancell his licences

Never risk ur life when u see death in front of u.Allah has given eyes to see n brain
to think before jumping in wadi or well.In this situation
only miracle can save u n that to by blessings of God.

Well did he survive??