Oman Road Transport Association to conduct Global transport meet in October

Muscat: Oman Road Transport Association (ORTA) in partnership with Al Nimr Conferences will organise the first Public Transport Conference in October this year.

The conference is slated to provide a platform to public transportation stakeholders to exchange views on the development of the sector, the challenges facing it, legislations, development of infrastructure and the business capabilities in terms of strategies.

This first-of-its kind public transport event in Oman will discuss a number of issues including the challenges, the available opportunities, effective implementation of the transportation regularisation strategy and the socioeconomic benefits that will accrue from developing public transportation sector. The participants will also focus on  in-country value project opportunities for SMEs and macro-micro entrepreneurial opportunities for public–private partnerships in public transport. Transport experts from UK, Malaysia, Singapore and the Arab countries will take part in the conference.


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