Rain, strong winds bring relief in northern Oman

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Muscat: Rain and strong winds hit parts of Oman on Sunday, giving residents welcome relief from hot summer conditions.

According to directorate general of meteorology, rain accompanied with thunderstorms in Al Dhahirah and Al Buraimi governorates along Al Hajar mountain range brought down Muscat temperature under 33°C on Monday.

Muscat's maximum temperature on Monday will touch 34 °C, the forecast added.

The maximum temperature recorded in Salalah on Monday morning was 29°C.

Al Buraimi remained the hottest city in the country today with maximum temperature hitting 44°C, followed by Sohar with 43°C and Ibri with 42°C.

However, Jebel Shams continues to enjoy pleasant weather with maximum temperature of 19°C.
Clouds and haze continue to hover over the southern and eastern coast of Oman on Monday afternoon. "There are chances of rain with thunderstorms in Al Hajar mountains in the wilayat of Ibri and Al Buraimi governorate for the next few days," the meteorological department of Oman said.  


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