Oil factory that failed to comply by Omani laws to be shut for one month

Muscat: Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs Mohammed bin Salim Al Toobi on Monay issued a decision to shut down a factory involved in production of fish oil and powder.

The factory, which is located at Al Rusayl Industrial Estate, has been shut down for one month, renewable for similar periods, if it fails to comply with the environment laws and regulations.

The decision is based on the Environment Protection and Pollution Combating Law promulgated by the Royal Decree No. 114/2001 and the hazardous materials bylaw issued by the Ministerial Decision No. 18/93 and the Environmental Permits Bylaw issued by the Ministerial Decision No. 187/2001.

The ministry has called upon all factory owners and companies to abide by the environmental laws and regulations in force to avoid the penalties.


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