Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ramadan Night event kicks off July 9

Muscat: Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) will begin Ramadan Nights, its first special interaction timed with Ramadan, today(Wednesday).

OCCI has been organising this event for the last few years, hosting officials connected to and interested in development-related issues in general and representatives from the economic and investment sector in particular.

Ramadan Nights attracts businessmen and business women, representatives of private sector companies and institutions, the media and different segments of society who track the country's economic progress. They come together to discuss issues related to development, economy and investment. The participants will also be focussing on difficulties facing the private sector.

The event will also be an occasion to seek clarifications and talk about latest decisions and facilities by relevant government agencies in the economic sector through interviewing guests at the Ramadan Nights.

The programme schedule, already endorsed by OCCI, includes three nights hosted by Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser Al Bakri, Minister of Manpower.


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