Rift among people, global indifference worsen Iraq crisis

Off-duty volunteers from brigades loyal to radical cleric Muqtada Al Sadr, ride a vehicle as they return to home, in Samarra, on Tuesday. – Reuters

Muscat: Iraq is going through a difficult period and the recent surge of violence has displaced thousands of citizens. However, the suffering is not limited to people living in Iraq only, the hearts of Iraqi nationals are bleeding for their motherland even as they watch the developments from miles away from home.

"The situation in Iraq has become very complicated. The people should come together and unite to help solve the problem," said Abdulrazaq, an Iraqi national, who lives in Muscat.

"There is a plan to divide Iraq, and different parties in the country should reach an agreement," he told the Times of Oman.

He also said that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), known colloquially as Daesh, poses a threat not only to Iraq but to other countries in the region. "We should come together," he added.

Another Muscat-based Iraqi national, who asked not to be named, said that a practical solution should be found to the crisis to prevent Iraq from plunging into further chaos. Daesh is a great danger to Iraq and the whole region, he said, adding that the situation in Iraq is now 'difficult, dangerous and complicated.'

"I am optimistic and hope all the problems will be resolved with the help of God because my family is in Iraq. But at the same time, I see black fog covering Iraq's sky," he said, adding that the main problem is the disagreement between people of different sects in Iraq.

He also criticised the inaction on the part of the United Nations and other international organisations concerned.

"They just condemn the things. They do not do anything."

Commenting on foreign interference in Iraq, the Iraqi national said that it only makes the situation worse.

"I hope that what happened in 2007, when mosques and other prayer sites were destroyed, is not repeated again," he said.

"There is a big crisis going on in Iraq now. It is not going in the right direction," he said, expressing the hope that peace and stability will come back to Iraq.

"It is not only my opinion. I am sure all my countrymen all over the world feel the same way for our country," he concluded.

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