His Majesty issues Royal Order for Renaissance Day holiday; Eid holidays announced for public, private sectors in Oman

Photo - Times of Oman

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has issued a Royal Order declaring July 24, 2014 as national holiday for the employees of the ministries, public authorities and other administrative units of the state, on the eve of the Blessed Renaissance day.

At the same time, Minister of Manpower has also announced the holiday on occasion of the Blessed Renaissance Day for the workers of companies and institutions of private sector on Thursday, July 24, 2014. 

The minister's statement said that owners of businesses and workers can agree on compensation for the holiday if required according to the nature work. Similarly, it is also necessary to compensate those workers whose weekly holidays fall during the holidays, the Ministry of Manpower statement clarified.

Eid Al Fitr holidays

Ministry of Manpower has announced that the Eid Al Fitr holidays would be from July 27 to July 31, 2014. 

The statement released by the Ministry said that the owners of businesses and workers can agree for compensation for work during these holidays, if required by the nature of work, during this period. Similarly, it is also necessary to compensate those workers whose weekly holidays fall during the holidays, the statement added.


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Reader Comments

Happy Eid for all Muslims of the world
but dont forget the people of Palestine and Kashmir

Eid Mumbarak to All Muslims in the world
But Dont forget Palestine and Kashmir

Is It possible Alpha Oman

yahoooooo........... Trip to Dubai..;)

As an expat, Can I go outside oman for Eid holidays . Do I need to apply for leave if I leave oman during these holiday

Happy Eid Al Fitar Holidays Mabrook

Move to dubai for the fun

Happy Holidays to one and all. Will the private sector employees have holidays from 27 to 31 july?

Thanks to our Respectable His Majesty. Munpae declare sehthaal sontha naadu sentru sonthankaludan thanki varalaam. Varum naatkalil nadaimurai paduththinaal nanru. Now flight tickets rise Rocket Range.

Thanks for u r information

Not good in private sector this much longer time holiday

our company will not given any compensation may be they are given only one day holliday......that will be not sure.....we are facaing toomuch......any way which one is got 10 days.....that one enjoyyyyyyyyyyy

How the poor private sector employees are going to be compensated is not clear. Is it is just a day for working on a holiday or 2 days in lieu of a holiday??

Really glad to know 10 holidays huge package ??

Wish you all a blessed Eid!!!