His Majesty’s website wins laurels

The website has also won a number of prestigious international awards.– Supplied photo

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos' personal website, launched on the 38th Renaissance Day, testifies to the pride that Omanis feel while projecting their leader and the nation's achievements in 20 international languages.

The website highlights His Majesty's achievements during the past four decades, and contributions as a visionary leader in shaping policies, both at regional and global levels. The website also has excerpts from some of his important speeches.

The website was launched in seven languages, but has since been upgraded to reflect its contents in 20 international languages. This expansion was facilitated by a number of ambassadors accredited to Oman who  rendered their cooperation in realising this initiative to introduce His Majesty and explain to the world how Oman has been transformed as per his vision. The management of the website frequently receives letters of encouragement from leaders of various countries.

These letters include those received from President Benajno Aquino III, President of the Republic of the Philippines, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, South Korean President Park Geun-hye, former South Korean prime minister and a large number of diplomats and officials at home and abroad.  The website,, has also won a number of prestigious international awards.  

National project
As part of the social responsibility that this national project follows, a number of initiatives were undertaken, including the Council Leaders initiative which was launched to coincide with the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council held in Kuwait under the patronage of His Highness Sayyid Asa'ad bin Tariq Al Said, Representative of His Majesty.

The launch of Omani Spanish initiative coincided with the visit of the King of Spain to the Sultanate. It was launched by the Spanish ambassador to the Sultanate.

Some voluntary initiatives will be launched this year.

The website has diversified its area of activities and often features in media headlines in international TV channels.

This year, the website attracted thousands of followers from various parts of the world. It was a moment of particular pride for the Omanis when they saw the website making prime news in a telecast on various channels in the Philippines, watched by a million strong audience.


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Reader Comments

Dear Editor/Times of Oman,

Read the Article above. I am very much happy to see Developed Oman Country. I must say our HM is not only the Leader for Omanis, but also for Indians. I left Oman when developments started in a big way at various areas during 1985, but I am lucky to see the developed Oman when I re-entered in 2003, after 18 years long Gap.

I personally wish all the very best to HM and the Citizens of Oman for making the country very beautiful.


Francis C.A.