Fire at a fuel station in Mawaleh creates panic (video)

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Muscat: Fire at a fuel station in Mawaleh created alarm in the area, late Sunday night. Two pumps were gutted by the fire but the blaze was contained by swift action of firefighters.

According to an attendant at the fuel station, the fire spread from a spark ignited by a small scooter which came to fill up at the station.

"Two youngsters came to fill fuel at around 11:45pm. They filled fuel for 200baisas and while moving away from the pump, they vroomed their scooter. Meanwhile, a spark from the scooter spread as fire," the attendant said.

Last Saturday, in Barka, fire engulfed a building which had a gift shop at the ground floor and residential flats on the other floors.

Families were evacuated by the police and no casualties were reported, but the gift shop owner suffered a loss of OMR700,500 in the fire.

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Reader Comments

Good thing theres no one being harmed or died in this fire incident

Im in picture It was really rough time during fighting the fire but Al hamdulilah I did my best and we kill the fire with out any serious injuries.