Indian expats’ bodies found in Azaiba, Oman

Muscat: An Indian expatriate woman was reportedly killed and an Indian man was found hanging in the room of the deceased woman in Azaiba on Sunday.

Vandana Vijayakumar, the 31-year-old working woman and mother of two children, was found dead in a pool of blood outside her office premises. A knife was found next to her body. Biju was found dead in the living room of Vandana.

Vandana and Biju were both from the south Indian state of Kerala. Vandana was working at an advertisement agency on November 18th Street in Azaiba.

Vandana's colleagues made the shocking discovery at around 8am. "We informed the police and they rushed to the scene, collected evidence and have initiated the probe," they said.

According to them, Vandana had joined the advertisement agency about 18 months ago. Earlier, she was working in Dubai. Her husband is in Peru and her children, a seven-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, are in Kerala.

"She was good in her work. We never had any complaints and do not know what has happened," her colleagues said.

Biju, a 35-year-old widower, was a freelancer and was in touch with Vandana following his frequent visits to the office.

"Biju was on a three-month vacation. He had gone to India and came back a few days ago only," the colleagues said.

ROP takes charge of Azaiba case
Both bodies are now being kept in the police mortuary and Vandana's family has been informed about the tragedy.

"We are in touch with the police and the embassy to repatriate her body back to Kerala. We don't know when it will be done," the colleagues added.

A senior police official confirmed that the incident is being treated as a case of murder and a probe is under way.

A senior official at the Indian embassy said that they are aware of the incident and are waiting for the police report.

"We are aware of the reported murder and suicide. We are waiting for the police report," the
official said.

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