Show of support for Gaza at Palestinian embassy in Muscat

Photo: Abdullah Al Ismaili

Muscat: About 300 people gathered at the Embassy of the State of Palestine in Muscat on Monday night to show their support for Gaza, following two weeks of Israeli attacks.

The event, organized by the embassy, featured a number of speakers, including Palestinian diplomats, a Palestinian journalist, Omani activists and journalists, including a young Omani woman who has spent time in Gaza, and an Indian activist.

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"So many people came! The space around the embassy was full and people were standing outside the gates, too. I was so happy to see this many people concerned about Gaza. Really it refreshed my heart," said Ismail Qeshta, a man from Gaza who lives in Muscat.

Many people held signs with messages in Arabic, English and even Spanish calling for peace in Palestine and an end to the bloodshed. "Free Gaza," "No to the killing of innocent people," "Peace for Palestine, Freedom for Gaza," read some of the posters.

"What's happening in Gaza is outrageous, inhumane and downright horrifying. Showing up for the demonstration indicates to the Palestinians that we'll be by their side through thick and thin. I wanted to show the world that Palestine's pain is Oman's pain," said Abdullah Al Ismaili, an Omani who attended the event.

Dr Riyadh Moosa said it was a duty for Omanis to support Palestine and show opposition to the Israeli occupation, both as fellow Arabs and as Muslims.

"We stand next to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. We Omani are very peaceful in our approach, but when we feel a wrong has been done we stand with the people who need help," he said.

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