Bait Al Zubair hosts iftar for staff

The museum hosted about 80,000 visitors during the past 12 months.– Supplied photo

Muscat: Bait Al Zubair hosted an Iftar this weekend for their staff.  At the Iftar, Paul Doubleday, General Manager of Bait Al Zubair, stressed the importance of the working environment, where people work together with respect for their colleagues and also respect for the work they undertake, regardless of their position within the organisation.

He commented that such events help promote a team spirit among the staff, strengthening communications and helping break down barriers between people.

Doubleday said: "There are wonderful teams here, a team that enjoys their work, enjoys each other's company and a team that provided wonderful service to the 80,000 visitors to the museum over the past 12 months."

He added, "We look forward to welcoming guests and invite them to discover Oman's traditional heritage, as well as the contemporary art scene.

"We will be hosting several Iftar events for different groups and companies, as they enjoy the contemporary and traditional settings that are available within Bait Al Zubair."

For those interested in viewing Bait Al Zubair's extensive collections of Oman's rich cultural heritage, both past and present, or viewing Omani contemporary art in the Permanent Collection, Bait al Zubair is open daily from Saturday to Thursday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm during Ramadan.  

For more information about Bait Al Zubair events and activities visit: (Facebook)

@Bait_AlZubair (Twitter)


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