Oman road accident: Seven killed in crash near Haima

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Muscat: Seven people were killed in a road accident near Umm Al Zamaem, some 100km away from Haima this morning, Royal Oman Police sources said.

The gender and nationality of the accident victims is yet to be ascertained.

An ROP source confirmed that a police team along with helicopters was pressed into service for the rescue operation.

The number of road accidents in 2013 was 7,201 compared to 8,209 during the previous year. 

Around 905 lives were lost in 2013, compared to 1,139  in 2012. As many as 596 Omanis and 309 expatriates lost their lives in road accidents last year.


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Reader Comments

Very Sad....

I am sure that more than 85% of the accidents in oman caused by stupid taxi drivers.
And if you look good to the picture above you can see the taxi car on the right side all crashed.
I advise and recommend to be a special driving license to the taxi drivers with a three points and every time the driver caused an accident the ROP should deduct one point from the driver and if the driver lost the three points because of accidents I recommend to pull out the license from him and do not let him drive for six months.
In this case I think and I am sure that all the crazy taxi drivers will think twice before overtaking or drive speedily.
Please please please ROP do it for saving the peoples life who are dying because of one man mistake.
Why all pilots needs to study and study and do many training courses before getting a license to fly why? ?
Is about because in the air craft will be more people? ,
Or it is because of saving others lives?
What is the difference between pilot and taxi driver answer me?
Both are doing the same job which is transport people from place to another am I right guys?
So five lives are not less value then 200 lives ?
Life is life that it .
Anyway I hope someone can support my request to stop losing peoples.
God bless oman.
Ali salman

Right information at right time.Drivers should be vigelent while driving.Please update further.