Royal Oman Police charges two for ‘indecent acts’

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Muscat: Two tourists were summoned by Royal Oman Police, (ROP) on Saturday for allegedly committing acts and indulging in behaviour that are against public morals in Mughsayl area of the wilayat of Salalah.

This action comes after a video of the two tourists wearing improper clothes and frolicking in front of  tourists in Mughsayl area in Salalah, had gone viral on the social media. The official source at the ROP, told Times of Oman that police officials have interrogated the two tourists and referred their case to the competent authorities to continue the legal procedures against them.

"Such actions and behaviour offend public morality in our society and are undesirable for a conservative society. Foreign visitors to Oman are advised and informed by various government and tourist organisations to dress properly and to respect public sentiments. It is the duty of the visitors to get to know the culture and customs of the people of Oman and to behave appropriately, said the official.

According to Oman Penal Code's Article 312, anyone who appears in public wearing indecent dress or indulges in acts against the public morals will be jailed for one day to ten days and fined OMR1 to OMR5.

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Reader Comments

getting in jail for a day or two is enough shame even without fine.

This should be a lesson for others

Authorities should look into this type of incidents very closely. Westerns clothing is becoming more and more offensive and disrespect of Islam or local cultures. This habit is in rapid increase due to the tolerance of the law enforcement or application of minor fines. Not only tourists who come here behave indecent, but you also have foreign residents especially from the west, who have been here for a long time, disrespectfully wear indecent clothing in Muscat. Security personnel in Malls, Supermarkets, and any other public places should be given the authority to stop and call the police for such ignorant and disrespectful behaviour. Fines should be 100 OMR or more.

Seriously, you dont want to turn Oman into something like Saudi Arabia, with mutawa and such... Tolerance is one of the greatest features of Omans society.

Amazing. What a fine 1 to 5 rials ONLY. Where is the ethics for respecting the culture and religion