Two Omani children under police care

Photo: ROP

Muscat: Two Omani children are under police care after they were found in Qurum Natural Park on Saturday night.

According to the police, one boy is two-year-old and the other one is one-year-old.

"We received a call from the natural park security stating that they have found two toddlers stranded in the park. We rushed to spot and tried to find their parents or relatives. But, we couldn't find anyone. So, we took them under our custody," a senior official from Royal Oman Police (ROP) told Times of Oman.

"Till now, nobody has come to claim the children and we are not able to get any information from the children. Now, we are taking care of them. We are urging the public to pass on the information regarding the stranded children by contacting Wattayah police station (24566538) or police operations centre emergency number (9999)," the police official said.


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Reader Comments

Its pathetic. Hope these innocents get their parents back at the earliest. Great job by park officials and ROP.