Oman Embassy clarifies Kuwaiti newspaper report; Denies its citizen was involved in crimes

Muscat: The Omani Embassy in Kuwait affirmed that the person accused of kidnapping and raping a stateless woman in Kuwait during Eid Al Fitr was not an Omani, as claimed by a Kuwait newspaper.  

The report in the daily newspaper's July 29 edition had falsely claimed that an Omani tourist had committed the horrible act of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman in Salmiyah area of Kuwait on the  Eid Al Fitr day.

In order to do some fact-checking of its own lest the fair name of the Sultanate and its citizens living in the State of Kuwait is falsely besmirched, the embassy sent a delegate to the police station in Salmiyah, where the accused was arrested.

As it turned out, there was no evidence that the accused was an Omani national and he was, in fact, a stateless person living in Kuwait.


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