No inquiry for abandoned toddlers found in Muscat park

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Muscat: Even after 84 hours, police had not received any phone call or inquiry regarding the two children who were found in the Qurum Natural Park on Saturday night. Currently, the toddlers are at a child care unit in Al Khoud.

The police had issued an advertisement in newspapers to trace and track down the parents or relatives of the children.

"So far, we have not received any phone call or inquiry. The children are under the care of the Ministry of Social Welfare department's child care unit in Al Khoud. We are trying our best to locate the toddlers' parents," an official of the Royal Oman Police said. According to the police, one boy is two-year-old and the other is just an year old.

Policemen had rushed to Qurum Natural Park on Saturday night and tried to find their parents or relatives, but in vain. Later, they took children under their custody.

The authorities are baffled by the situation with no one coming forward to claim the kids. Meanwhile, the social networking sites are abuzz with reports and posts regarding the toddlers.

While some are praying for the toddlers to be united soon with their parents, some others are baffled on how two small children can be reportedly abandoned.


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Reader Comments

Sincerely hope that they are united soon with their parents. Its sad to see them all by themselves. They are too small. Hope their parents come forward soon.