Allies move Saddam’s corpse

Baghdad: Executed former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein's minority sect tribal allies moved his body from a family plot eight months ago, fearful that majority sect militias would harm it, a tribal leader said on Wednesday.

A leader from Saddam's Albu Nasir tribe and a police official said that majority sect militiamen broke into the grave site, tore down photographs of the former Iraqi leader and then set the area on fire.

"We had moved the body eight months ago to a safer place. We were afraid something would happen to him. Our fears proved true," said the tribal leader who asked not to be named.

"There were four of us that took up this mission. We could not move the bodies of Saddam's sons. We are afraid someone will desecrate those graves." The tribal chief would not give details on where Saddam's body was taken. 


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