Three expats drown at Oman's Sawadi beach

Sawadi beach, Photo - Times of Oman

Muscat: Three Pakistani expatriate workers, all in their 20s, drowned in Sawadi beach on Friday evening during their pleasure trip, the victims' company officials said.

"Six of our workers had gone for a pleasure trip to Sawadi beach at around 4:30pm from their accommodation. While, swimming in Sawadi beach, unfortunately three of them were caught in a swirl and drowned. Two of the bodies were recovered and one died in hospital," the company official where the victims were working told Times of Oman.

The victims are identified as Nareesh Baboo, Avinash and Mohammed Sohail Ali and were working at a sheet manufacturing factory in Barka

Mohammed Sohail AliAvinashNareesh Baboo

"Alerted by others, the police rushed to rescue operations. Two bodies were recovered and the one who was in danger was admitted to Mussanah hospital. But, he passed away soon," the company official said.

Two bodies are kept in Ibri hospital and one in Rustaq hospital.

On Friday evening, Public Authority for Civil Defense and Ambulances (PACDA) tweeted about the drowning.

According to one of the rescued worker, the incident occurred at around 5:15pm.
"We were in the water and swimming. Soon, there were big waves and we were pulled deep into water. Two three times, this happened. We got panicked. We were trying to return.

Meanwhile, a taxi driver on the shore saw us struggling. He called for help. Three of us, including me, were rescued by boats. But Nareesh, Sohail and Avinash were missing," Muhammad Waseem, one of the rescued workers, told Times of Oman.

"Police was called by somebody on the shore. Soon, they came and everybody started to look for the missing ones. But unfortunately, in 30 minutes bodies of Nareesh and Avinash were recovered. In between, they found Sohail also. He was battling for life. He passed away in the hospital," Waseem said while adding that all the three who died were good friends.

Meanwhile, an official from the Pakistani embassy is coordinating with the company and other officials to repatriate the bodies soon to Pakistan.

"We are in touch with the victims' company to repatriate the bodies," the embassy official said.

Al Sawadi beach, some 70kms far from Ruwi, is a popular tourist destination. The sandy shore at Al Sawadi beach attracts both residents and nationals, especially during holidays, huge crowd can been seen on the shores.

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Reader Comments

IT is a very shocking News for our family & we are waiting for them, So we are request to Government of Republic Of Oman & Pakistan High Commision In Oman.
Kindly Send Back Their Death Bodies in Pakistan Khi.

i am so saad for his young guys death

THIS is very shocking news for us... we request to reporter and their friends if they got any contact number kindly send to us... because our family still waiting for death bodies... kindly send back the death bodies asap.... Thanks

This is very bad news for us.. we request to Oman government and Pakistan high commission kindly send back their death bodies as soon as possible our family and their mothers are very very shocked... we all waiting for them.... kindly notice my request... Thanks

Oh. I am sorry to hear this. Its sad news. May Allah give patience to their families. No one knows when death visits him/her. :(

I was witnessing this incident and made loud appeals to boatmen to help these guys who were drowning and raising hands. But it was too late as they all had date with destiny. I cannot forget this incident. May god give their parents and relatives enough strength to bear this loss and RIP to departed souls.

i havent words to say anything just can pray for them and Allah give patience to their families :((

Very sorry to hear. RIP to the departed souls