Efforts on by Pakistan Embassy officials in Muscat to repatriate body of expat

Muscat: Relatives of a Pakistani contractor, who was found dead in his room in Wadi Adai on Thursday night, are waiting for the police to complete the probe before they can repatriate his body to Pakistan.

"Raja Hassan was reportedly found dead in his room on Thursday night. A friend of his came to meet him in his room in Ruwi and alerted the neighbours and the police," Sohail, a relative of the deceased, who is coordinating the efforts to repatriate the body, told the Times of Oman.

Hassan, in his 40s, was a resident of Oman since 1997. He was involved in contract jobs of cutting mountains.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Embassy officials in Muscat confirmed the death saying they are in touch with the police and the sponsor to repatriate the body of Hassan.

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