Yemenis cleared in murder case of an Omani

Muscat: The Appeal Court of Mehrah in Yemen has acquitted three Yemeni nationals of murdering an Omani national in 2008.

The court has ordered the second and third accused to pay the blood money to the victim's family after they had served a three-year jail term.

The first accused was acquitted on the basis of  information issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he was in an Omani jail when the victim was murdered in July 2008.

Earlier, Al Hoof Court had awarded death penalty to the three accused in 2010, but it was annulled after they appealed.

It may be recalled that the 35-year-old Omani's body was found in a remote and uninhabited area of Yemen.

While the body bore evidence of stab injuries, his vehicle was found in another area.

The victim hailed from the wilayat of Rakyhoot of Dhofar governorate. He is survived by two children and a wife.


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