Oman mall shooting update: Scare at Ibri Lulu as youth opens fire

A view of Lulu shopping mall in Ibri where the incident took place. Photo - Times of Oman

Muscat: A mentally ill gun-wielding man created scare at an Oman shopping mall when he walked into the premises with two weapons and started firing in the air.

The scary drama occurred at the Lulu shopping mall in Ibri on Monday evening when a 24-year-old Omani walked into the hypermarket as shoppers were filling their trolleys.

"The youngster, who is being treated for mental illness, entered the mall with two guns. Pointing one at the mall's employees, he opened fire in the air with the second gun. We rushed to the scene on getting information and managed to arrest him without much delay," Royal Oman Police sources said.

"There is no loss of life or property," the police added.

According to Ibri sources, the youngster opened fire near the vegetable section of the shopping mall. "Nobody was injured. After opening fire, he just walked out of the shopping mall. But the mall officials called the police and the youngster was arrested," sources said.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness said that brave policemen nabbed the gun-toting man swiftly.

"I heard a commotion while I was shopping at the mall. I came out and saw a  youngster walking out with guns. I was a bit scared but the police responded quickly and nabbed him," Ahmed Al Hatmi, an eyewitness said.

Thanking the police for the swift action, Salim Al Ghafri said, "They avoided what could have been a tragedy if he had shot at someone. This is for the first time that people of Ibri have came across such an incident."

Meanwhile, the top official representing the Lulu outlets in Oman said that the person opened fire only once and walked out of the mall.

"He entered the mall, threatened onlookers, fired in air and walked out. Our staff informed the police. He was arrested soon. There was no damage to the property nor was anyone injured in the incident," the mall official said.

"We heard that the youngster has been roaming with guns in other shops also," the mall official added.

Meanwhile, the ROP thanked the public for alerting them about the incident and cooperating in nabbing the youngster.

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Reader Comments

24 years old is the age of a full grown adult. Omanis have to accept full responsibility for minor children, and adults who are suffering from illness. Guns must be kept locked and secure. The family that allowed this adult member to access the weapons with bullets must be held legally accountable.

In 2014, the excuse of culture is not acceptable in avoidable situations.

There is enough education about mental health and violence on the net, or at your doctors. If they indeed know this adult member of their family was ill they should have taken more aggressive action to ensure he was not a threat to the life of innocent citizens.

No excuse.

open fire is an absolutely correct usage which quite often appears in the media nowadays, not just in Times of Oman. Phrasal verbs and idioms often give different meanings than what their individual words mean. Let our "little knowledge" not make us unnecessarily blame others of ignorance which "is a dangerous thing."

Shot normally use when you target someone, but he did not do that!!! absolutely perfect usage

Shot normally use when you target someone, but he did not do that!!!

The first paragraph clearly indicates that the report is related to shooting with a weapon and "open fire" is a legal phrase used to mean shooting with fire arm. Why are you people making so much noise about such a trivial issue? Give the guy a break! The important thing is nobody was hurt or lost life from this unfortunate incident! Thank God for that!

In American english, "to open fire" means to shoot a gun.
Nothing to do with fire.

LOL @ Opened Fire.. & even better "He opened fire just once"... Thats just wrong.

You have: fired a weapon, fired a round, discharged a firearm, and thats just a few without elaborating on whether it was a rifle or handgun.. The English News in Oman has been dying for a revamp and a raising of standards for at LEAST the last 2 decades.

Open fire means firing without target or direction. It also means not with any intention to harm anyone in particular.
The writers do not need practice vocabulary but you surely need common sense.