Sri Lanka's ambassador in Oman recalled before end of term

Muscat: Asoka Girihagama, Sri Lanka's ambassador in Oman, was recalled by the Lankan government on July 30, one month before the end of his term, an embassy official in Muscat said.

"The ambassador was recalled by the Lankan External Affairs Ministry. We have not been told about the reason behind the recall. His term was officially due to end on August 31, but he was recalled on July 30. We don't know when the new ambassador will come," an embassy official told Times of Oman.

The first communication from the Sri Lankan government to recall the ambassador had been issued earlier in July, but no specific date had been mentioned.

However, a second communication had been sent directing the ambassador to return by the end of July.

1.8 million workers
According to reports, there are 1.8 million migrant workers from Sri Lanka, mostly working in the Middle East, with around 30,000 employed in Oman. Of those in the Sultanate, 17,000 are working as housemaids.

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Sultanate of Oman

Please chase all Sri Lankan Sinhala Budhist from the Sultanate.

Do you know the reasons why I am making this request in the interest of Muslim Umma.

The sri Lanka President Rajapakse and his brother Gothabaya have appointed an unofficial police force called Budhist Power Force in Sri Lanka to police the minority Muslims and destroy all Islamic places of worship, attack Muslim womens Islamic Dress, Burn and loot Muslim owned businesses and even attack and murder the Muslims who are scattered in Sri Lanka.

On 15th & 16th of June 2014 the Govt. declared a curfew on the Muslims alone and sent Budhist monks with armed Budhist monks and thugs on rampage at
the predominantly Muslim populated area of Aluthgama and Beruwala in the Southern part of Sri Lanka and murdered 4 Muslims and injured 189 Muslims.

They ransacked Muslim house, Muslim owned businesses burnt and destroyed several mosques , while the Police and the Armed forces gave protection to the looters and arsonites.
The govt has banned all products bearing Halal labels.

The govt. arrested 60 persons and they were released without any charge.

Therefore, please do not allow Sinhala Budhist in your country in the interests of Islamic unity..