‘Nato to respond if Russian troops infiltrate Ukraine’

Berlin: If Russia tries to infiltrate troops into a Nato country, even out of official military uniform as it did before it annexed Ukraine's Crimea, Nato will respond militarily, the alliance's top commander said in an interview published on Sunday.

Soldiers wearing uniforms without national markings were deployed when Russia entered Crimea from late February.

Although President Vladimir Putin initially denied involvement, he admitted in April that Russian forces had been active there.

Kiev and Western governments are now waiting to see if Moscow will intervene to support besieged rebels in Ukraine's Russian-speaking east. Some defence experts have said Putin might also look to the former Soviet republics in the Baltics which have large ethnic Russian minorities, such as Estonia or Latvia.

US Air Force General Philip Breedlove, Nato's Supreme Allied Commander Europe, said although Nato had no plans to intervene in non-Nato member Ukraine, Nato countries in eastern Europe needed to start preparing for a possible threat from "little green men" — referring to soldiers in unmarked uniforms.

"The most important work to prepare a nation for the problem of 'little green men', or organising of Russian (speaking)population, it happens first. It happens now," Breedlove said in an interview published online by German newspaper Die Welt.

"How do we now train, organise, equip the police forces and the military forces of (allied) nations to be able to deal with this?" he said.

"If we see these actions taking place in a Nato nation and we are able to attribute them to an aggressor nation, that is Article 5.

Now, it is a military response," he said.


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Reader Comments

Hey Putin, how about some very well trained and well armed Little Green Chechen Men for you?

>"NATO would respond militarily to Crimea-style infiltration: general"

Before you do this you must make sure your military are ready to die, even training is a very important it can not substitute dedication, once one side is ready to die and other side sees it as a career you likely will end up with another Vietnam , Iraq and Soviets in Afghanistan. Very arrogant who thinks that it is a pure math problem - more bombs per capita solves the equation, once people cornered to fight for their existence it is exceedingly more expensive to exterminate them then just to negotiate for some acceptable compromise... as soon as it is not blood of your people you expectedly do not care for price but action like "NATO would respond militarily" does require to pay by blood. Well, it is your career general to say such silly things, hopefully your employer has no conflict of interests in this messy business... anyway, we are doomed to deal only with survivors. BTW, it is not necessary to face such die/live dilemma once compromise is considered as an option...