His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in good health

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. File photo

Muscat: The Diwan of Royal Court has issued a statement assuring the Omani citizens that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is in good health. 

The statement reads as follows: "The Diwan of Royal Court is honoured to reassure the loyal citizens of Oman that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos is in sound health after conducting medical tests, which His Majesty will continue over the coming period in  accordance with a specific medical programme." 

His Majesty the Sultan is spending his annual leave at his residence in Federal Republic of Germany from where he runs his country's affairs, guiding and following up all tracks of development in different parts of the Sultanate, as diligently as his loyal people know him, till such a time that he returns to his dear homeland and loving people. 

His Majesty has expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for the sincere sentiments and allegiance of his loyal people, praying to the Almighty to protect all under His divine care. 

May the Almighty Allah protect His Majesty the Sultan wherever he might be, shower him with bounties and blessings and guard him as a precious asset and a source of pride for his beloved homeland and loyal people.


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Reader Comments

Praying to the Almighty Allah from depth of my heart to protect him, make him enjoy his vacation and return him back to home as soon as possible with good health.

May Allah bless His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, I wish for his good Health. Ameeen

may the almighty Allah protect our beloved Sultan..his magnetic leadership and guidance is needed for Oman for the coming years..there are very few leaders who is so visionary like our Sultan..god bless


may Allah bless our loving sultan qaboos Allah protect always our beloved leader Ameen

May ALLAH give His Majesty HEALTH and blessed life.

Alhamdulillah Allah give him big life. Allah Bless him.

May Allaah keep him well and healthy. He loves his people and his country, and all his people love him. MashaaAllaah.

May the Almighty give him good health and long life. 

Allah bless our great leader his Majesty Sultan Qaboos.... ameen/....

God bless His Majesty with good health and long life. Our prayers are always there. I am in Oman. Since 1986 seeing a very fast development by the guidance of His Majesty.Very nice country, good people under the greatest leader . Pray for his good health and happiness God Bless Him.

May God bless His Majesty.Praying for his good health and Happiness.

Wishing and praying to Allah to bless Him with health and return home in good health Ameen

May the Almighty give him good health and long life.

May Almight God bless his majesty with good health and long life.