Nigerian woman with Ebola like symptoms dies in transit phase at Abu Dhabi international airport

Abu Dhabi: A 35-year-old Nigerian woman, who was travelling to India for treatment of cancer, died on Monday while in transit after showing symptoms similar to Ebola virus, the UAE health officials said.

"During the transit phase at Abu Dhabi international airport, the patient's health deteriorated and despite medical aid she could not be successfully resuscitated," the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi said.

The woman was on her way to India for the treatment of advanced metastatic cancer, it said.

At the time of resuscitation that the woman had shown signs that may be consistent with Ebola virus infection, although her existing medical condition provided an adequate medical explanation, it said.

"Full safety and precautionary measures have been taken by the medical staff who attended the patient according to the WHO standards for dealing with suspected cases of infectious diseases," it said.

The woman's husband,  sitting next to her on the plane and five medics who treated her have been isolated pending test results of the deceased.


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Reader Comments

@Cathy Burn

WHO make it very clear that even passengers on a plane with someone who is infected are very unlikely to contract EVD. It must be passed by exchange of bodily fluids, so as its not airborne Ebola would still be difficult and unlikely to catch sitting with an infected person on a plane.