Oman shipping: Sohar port to get a boost

A speaker at the National Railway project meet. Photo supplied

Muscat: The strategic location of Sohar port and the infrastructure development taking place in the port, including the Oman National Railway project, can help make Sohar the region's preferred port and free zone, said a senior official at Sohar Industrial Port Company.

"Oman can be a front-runner for logistics in the region," Edwin Lammers, executive commercial manager of Sohar Industrial Port Company, told a conference on the railway project on Wednesday.

According to Lammers, the special considerations that allow for the railway to pass through the port can put Sohar port in a better position than the rival ports, including Jebel Ali.

The official said that Sohar rail concept includes on-dock rail connection to the terminals and industries which produce considerable 'railway cargo' (more than 500,000 tonnes per year) and a Rail Service Centre which serves the 'smaller' customers in the port and free zone, industrial estate, air freight village and regional industries.

The Rail Service Centre offers (in addition to loading and offloading of goods) warehousing for cross docking, stuffing etc.

Lammers also said that railway connections will help boost the status of the ports and also ports can positively affect the performance of the railway system.

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