Muscat-based Indian school students learn space tech at Nasa

The students built and launched their very own rockets by taking their learning out of the classroom to experience the wonders of Nasa. Photo supplied

Muscat: A group of 26 students of Indian School Al Ghubra, accompanied by their teachers, T. Vijayaraghavan – Head of the Department of Physics, and Poonam Naik, went on 12-day trip to Nasa for the second consecutive year. 

The NASA Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas, exposed the students to several space age technologies which covered a gamut of experiences, right from classes about Mars Rover as well as the landing apparatus used for the mission. 

The students were allowed to build and launch their very own rockets by taking their learning out of the classroom to experience the wonders of Nasa.

The highlight of the trip was the rover competition, where students had to build their very own Rover and race against time to collect rock samples. 

This was one among the various projects assigned to the students which required a high degree of creativity and critical thinking. 

The facilities, in which real life astronauts had trained, such as the Neutral Buoyancy Lab as well as the original mission control room from where man's ascent towards the stars began, gave the group an opportunity to witness Nasa's future exploits into space with the help of robots. 

Rocket Park
The team also visited Saturn 5 at the Rocket Park, which was the first rocket launched from Nasa to carry the Apollo spacecraft. The much anticipated underwater scuba diving helped students unwind, making this a trip filled with learning and entertainment.

This unique experience was definitely a dream come true for students who gained hands-on exposure to the wonderful world of Space Technology.


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Dream that never comes true. Appreciated to school heads and students.
So lucky!