Indian expat dies in road accident in Samail

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Muscat: A 29-year-old Indian has died in a road crash in Samail after his car hit a divider and overturned.

P Najeeb, the victim who hailed from the Indian state of Kerala was working for a private firm in Nizwa.

"Najeeb was on his way to Nizwa from Muscat when the car he was driving crashed into a divider and overturned," informed Shameer P T K, social worker.

Shameer also added that the victim was driving a rent car and was going back to Nizwa "after having met his father" who works in Nakhal.

Najeeb's body is being kept at the Samail Hospital.

"We are processing the required papers to send his body back to Kerala," Shameer said.
The body is likely to be sent on Sunday.

Meanwhile Najeeb's father has been hospitalised following a cardiac arrest on hearing the news of his son.


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May his soul rest in peace

Inna Lillahe wainna Elaihe raje oon.....

so sad, may the soul rest in peace

So Sad

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun ?????? ?????? ????????? ???????? ??????????

Very sad news.. Dear all readers please drive your car carefully.. Someone is wating for u in home.