Omani, expat dead in horrific Muscat flyover crash

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Muscat: Two people were killed while three others were injured in a horrific road crash on the Ruwi flyover on Sunday afternoon, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) said.

Eyewitnesses said the accident took place at around 4 pm near OK Centre in Ruwi. An Omani citizen and an expatriate died in the crash. The injured were admitted to the Al Nahada Hospital with moderate to severe injuries, the ROP added.

Immediately after the accident, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) diverted the traffic on that road. "They were not letting the motorists to drive over the flyover after the accident," Mohammad Shamsin, a motorist, said.

This caused a major gridlock in and around Ruwi.

Five vehicles were involved in the pile up caused by the accident, with one vehicle rolling over after the crash, the ROP added. 


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Reader Comments

Lot of people chatting on phone. police should taken action against them.

A humble request to ROP - Oman,
Please kindly revise the Speed limits, as 100Kph is very fast inside the city, Instead they can revise the speed by 60Kph (Alkhuwair - Muscat) & 80Kph(Ghubrah - Alkhoudh)... And they should impose a severe punishments for the violators.....

I request Minister of Road and Transport as well as ROP to put speed breaker every 5km in which our lives will be saved and no accident occurs. Another suggestion is reduce the speed where there is 100 km/hr make it 75 km/hr.

One has to be extreme careful by not exceeding the limit where sharp turn on a bridge. Thats always a danger place. Hearty condolences.



We need to review & come up with a new design for the fly overs in Hamriya & Ruwi.

I request all young Omanis to value their life and drive in control. They often cause such accidents where other innocent drivers have to lose their lives even they have no fault. They need to understand the feeling of the families who lost their child or sole earner. pLs pls drive in control.. stop showing off your speed skills. pls go on tracks to show off where you can hurt just yourself

Speed thrills but kills...

I feel ROP should look to these flyovers(Hamriya & Ruwi) seriously, as these flyovers have very sharp bends, which comes as surprise to the motorist who are not used to these roads in frequent or new. All I feel these roads and flyovers specially to be fixed with the alert mini humps made of markings that can cause all motorist for an attention and possible danger to prevent.

While I was going through the report on the declining trend of road accidents, the Ruwi incident caught my attention. Indeed a very unfortunate incident. Even though dual carriage offers greater safety for the road users, the Ruwi incident is once again cautioning us, as how much we have to be careful on the asphalt surface. Those who drive expensive cars are normally seen cautious on the wheels. At the same time, a few of the recent road traffic incidents again reminding us to be highly attentive on the road.