Oman education: Sohar University starts summer courses

Sohar: Sohar University (SU) is adapting summer courses for school students. These courses are being conducted by CCE (Centre of Continuing Education).

In addition, SU is conducting three programmes, which include comprehensive English programmes and English speaking programmes.

It is also training students for IELTS and TOEFL tests.

The courses aim to teach English as a second language to the school students.

The number of students registering for these courses are increasing, according to CCE.

In addition, the CCE has also conducted other courses for students. These courses include troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic equipment, which was held on  August 17; advance material for constructing and repair of concrete, which was conducted on August 18; laboratory safety awareness on August 19; piping and pipeline deign and processing and finance for non-finance professionals — both held on August 24.

CCE will launch more programmes in the coming days.


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