Ericsson IT experts host Omani youths

The students discussed innovative ideas in which the Networked Society can be realised.- Supplied photo

Muscat: Three talented students from Oman were hosted by Ericsson in the company's headquarters in Sweden, recently.

As winners of the Ericsson Smart Schools competitions held in Oman and Egypt, the students — three from each country — were invited to Ericsson's Experience Centre Studio to attend an innovation seminar.

During the seminar, students exchanged innovation-related ideas with Ericsson's experts. They discussed innovative ideas in which the Networked Society can be realised. Examples of ideas were connected to historical monuments that provide visitors with a full history of the location; a connected table that allows users to choose their own menu before making your order by simply touching it; connected shopping items that give you advice according to your body type, and many more.

Rafiah Ibrahim, president of Ericsson Region Middle East and North East Africa, said: "Our Smart School competitions revealed the potential amongst Middle East youths as the future leaders of the Networked Society. There is a considerable passion and understanding of the benefits of living in a smart society."  

Ericsson launched the Smart Schools competition earlier this year. For the first time in the Middle East and starting in Oman, Ericsson organised the competition to focus on the role that the Networked Society can play in fostering innovation among high school students.


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Reader Comments

Great job done by students, but not only that I appreciate Ericsson for organizing this event in Oman. In future try to conduct more such events... Wishing Oman to be the best!