Oman's consumer protection body warns against hike in price of goods

People can approach the public authority with specific and focused complaints of overpricing.– File photo

Muscat:  The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), has warned against any increase in prices of commodities or services at any of the commercial centres without the consent of the public authority.

The PACP has launched a week-long campaign to ensure this does not happen and aims to create awareness among consumers as well as those commercial centres which increase prices of commodities and services without prior permission of the authority.

A statement issued by the PACP said that decision number 2011/12, clearly prohibits the increase in prices of any commodities and services without prior permission of the PACP.

If the matter comes to its notice, it will immediately take action and take up the issue with the public prosecutor. The public authority has urged people to bring such cases to their notice with all details without delay and remain vigilant wherever they go for purchases.

"I always advise my family and friends to memorise the price list of commodities and services, particularly those at commercial centres they visit regularly. I do this because I was surprised to notice changes in the prices and their sudden increase each month when I went to buy the groceries," the PACP quoted a complainant as saying, in its social media campaign.

"When I asked one of the salesmen working at the commercial centres, I did not get a satisfactory reply. There was no logic behind the change in prices. When I found that this was happening repeatedly, I immediately complained to the consumer protection body," the complainant further stated to the PACP.

Soon after getting this complaint, the officers of the PACP went to the commercial centre. After reviewing the price list registered with the public authority and comparing them with what was available at the centre, they registered a case.

The PACP said that the case was handed over to the Public Prosecutor, which took it to the special court, which in turn slapped a fine on the commercial centre.

About the procedure and format of the complaint, the PACP said that people could approach the public authority with specific and focused complaints. These complaints should not be generalised or vague, it said.

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Reader Comments

It would be good if PACP publishes all commodity prices on their website so that people can compare the prices with the approved prices in case if they have any doubt

I am very proud of Oman, strict rules in the interest of Public and to keep all in control.
Well done Muncipality and PACP, however it is vital we have hotline number in order to compalin if see any breach in law. Good luck and again well done to government ministries including Ministry of Fisheries to ensure all regularize the law and practice it properly.