UPDATE: Missing boy found lying tied in a mountain behind Lulu

Noel Sam Abraham

Muscat: Noel Sam Abraham, the Indian School Darsait (ISD) Class X student, who went missing from the Wadi Kabir Lulu Hypermarket parking lot on Friday night at around 10:30pm was found tied with ropes today early morning.

"It was Lulu employees who found the boy lying near the tower on the mountain behind the hypermarket with his hands and legs tied with a rope. Later on police rushed to the spot and the boy was taken to Al Nadha hospital. Now, he is recovering. There are no much big injuries seen on his body," Sam Abraham, a friend of Noel's family, told Times of Oman.

Police, family friends and social workers were on a frenzied hunt to trace out Noel during the last 30 hours. Noel went missing from the car where he was sitting alone and preparing for his board examinations while his parents and younger brother went for shopping inside the hypermarket.

"It was the Lulu employees who found the boy. While they were on their way back to home after their duty hours, some of them heard a boy crying for help. So, they called all their friends and started to comb the mountain. Meanwhile, they informed the parents and police. Police also soon rushed to the spot and started looking for Noel. Meanwhile, one Lulu employee found the boy lying tied at around 1am," Sam said while thanking the police, social workers and Lulu employees.


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Reader Comments

Thank God.

Thanks to GOD. We will pray for your speedy recovery. GOD bless you. We all are with you and your family.


Thank God & Thanks to Lulu Employees

Dear Noel, god is great..we all are praying for you for speedy recovery from the incident. The all world with you.

I have humble request to the law give maximum punishment to the convicts

It is very serious issue which was not common in Oman and it is threat to all families here. However, thank god, the boy rejoined his family without much injuries as reported. Request Times of Oman to start campaign for safe social life.

" thank god...u r safe..Noel forget that happened to you and concentrate on your exam..God is with you
Deepa Anoop "


Al hamdu lililah, it is heartening to know that Neol is found and In sha Allah will recovery from him injuries and more importantly from the trauma of this incident. May Allah have his mercy upon everyone and keep everybody safe. Ameen.

God bless you. . . .hope you get well before your exam... also wish police catch the culprits . . .

It is very unfortunate this kind of cruelty happening to our young growing children. The Authorities should take necessary steps to prevent this unpleasant happening in future.

Hope he will recover soon..

We were quite upset and it was great to hear that you are back.
Thanks God. Cheers to you.

Allhamdolilah , Noel is found ,but what happens to him ,how he got kidnapped and by whom? Thank to Lulu employ and ROP and all people who helped. Its a very shocking news for all of us that this kind of incident happen in Oman. Its a very peaceful and lawful country. May Allah keep every one safe .

Thank you Times of Oman for highlighting the issue.

Really glad the kid is safe , hope he recovers from this trauma soon and return back to his normal life.

thank god,

thanks god