Breaking: Noel was not abducted, say police

Noel Sam Abraham, the Class X student of Indian School Darsait

Muscat: The disappearance of the Indian boy from the parking lot of Lulu Hypermarket in Wadi Kabir was not an abduction case and it has been referred to Public Prosecution, police officials said.

Resolving the case, a senior police official said that as "reported" by the media and social networks Noel Sam Abraham, the Class X student of Indian School Darsait, was not abducted but he ran away in fear of his parents who were pressuring him to get high marks in the board examinations.

"The boy made contradictory statements while he was questioned by the officials during the probe. He went wrong in facts. And later on, he confessed in front of the police officials that he alighted from the vehicle and fled to the mountain while his parents went to the shopping centre to purchase goods," the police official said.

"He tied himself with ropes to deceive the people that he was kidnapped," the official added.

The report of missing of the Indian boy had created panic in Muscat among the residents.

"On last Friday, a complaint was filed at Ruwi police station for the disappearance of 15-year-old Indian boy. The complaint claimed that the boy was missing from the vehicle when his parents returned after shopping after 30 minutes and the boy's torn shirt piece and shoe was found. The next day, the police officials heard that somebody have heard a distress call from the mountain. Responding to the call, the police rushed to the mountain and initiated a search. They found the boy and he was admitted to hospital," the officials said.

Suleiman Al Rashidi, head of investigations and criminal investigations at Ruwi police station, led the investigations.


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Reader Comments

Why not a polygraph test? GOD sees the TRUTH but waits.........
Time will speak..................

Published story may be correct but hard to believe.

Police Story

cant believe so......noel is such a good child in school...nd no person would do something that would risk their own life....and how can he climb a whole mountain and lie on top of it tying himself? Moreover, the press had reported that his face was coberef with can he do it himself?? If he had chloroform in stock with him...of course his parents would have understood it in the car.......and....there were fingerprints showing that it was a forceful is a story made up to avoid further problems to the child....

Coverup in progress.....

Cant believe this story at all. Then why wounds/prick marks on his body? Why was he unconscious? If the parents feel the case is not so, they have to speak to press. If the story is true also, still the city is becoming unsafe for our children as few publicized and MANY unpublicized incidents reveal.

Cant believe d authorities r makin up a story...Mct is never safe 4 any1 2 roam freely

It may be true, but at same time, parents should have taken a major role at least during the public examination time. They should give all moral support to their child. One fine day morning nobody can be reached at higher level. Make them understand the importance of education and make them study their own.


Its not easy to believe that a tenth standard kid can take a drastic step like that
But when the boy is saying so we have to believe it theres no choice

Ok i believe you guys, BUT how did he get the ciggerettes marks on his body? And how the hell can someone tie themself?

it seems true. the child had to take such a drastic step in not the fear of examination but the huge expectations of his parents. the students who are facing the board examinations need full moral support from the parents. let the child make up his own dream but do not draw him/her to fulfill parents propaganda.

That was a very bad move from Noels side... He should have faced the consequences... And moreover parents should not force their children so much...