Indian School Sohar upbeat over results

Top performers: J. Krithika, Liz Maria Zacharias, Valli Priyanka, Nudurupati Anuhya Sai and Aishwarya Kurup. Photo - Supplied

Sohar: Indian School Sohar students have achieved excellent results in Class XII CBSE examinations.

J. Krithika topped the school with 93.2 per cent followed by Liz Maria Zacharias (93 per cent), Valli Priyanka (93 per cent), Nudurupati Anuhya Sai (92.2 per cent), and Aishwarya Kurup (92.2 per cent). Out of 60 students, 35 secured 75 per cent and above in aggregate.

The subject-wise toppers list is as follows:
English 95 per cent: Liz Maria Zacharias, Aishwarya Kurup, Joby Anu John, Roanna M. Fernandes. Physics 98 per cent : Nudurupati Anuhya Sai. Chemistry 99 per cent: Anuhya Sai and Aishwarya Kurup. Mathematics 95 per cent: Valli Priyanka, Nudurupati Anuhya Sai, Aishwarya Kurup, Snehil Srivastava, Himanshu Sharma, Patel Shreya Jayendra Kumar, Saumitra Tripathi.

Biology 96 per cent: Liz Maria and Informatics Practices 99 per cent: Aashika Maria Naidu and Akansha Sinha.


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