Oman salutes His Majesty on 42nd National Day

Muscat: The 42nd National Anniversary is an opportunity for the citizens and residents of this country to celebrate and to salute the vision of the architect of modern Oman, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Today, on November 18, the National Day of the country, every citizen and resident of this nation joins hands to celebrate 42 years of modern Renaissance and reminisces the road to development.

This occasion reminds people that unparalleled progress and prosperity has been achieved for each citizen under the able guidance of His Majesty the Sultan.

On July 23, 1970, the day of his accession, His Majesty had promised to his people that he would proceed as quickly as possible to transform their lives into a prosperous one with a bright future. Oman, today, is a testimony to the promise. Empowered and enriched by the inspiring leadership and led from the front by His Majesty, the Sultanate has witnessed the most spectacular development in the past four decades. Under His Majesty's guidance, the country has been able to meet all the challenges.

With his vision and leadership qualities, the wise leader has put the country on the world map. World leaders have hailed the wise policies pursued by the Sultanate under the leadership of His Majesty and the positive role he has played in bringing progress at regional and international levels.

As the country builds itself from a glorious past and shining present and prepares for a more prosperous future, His Majesty's concern, care and hope for the youth can be seen as he lays stress creating on more opportunities for them. In this country, the young population is reaping the fruits of modernisation at an equal footing with the world and that is why it is certain that the youth will follow His Majesty's recent call for commitment and loyalty.

Youth force
Presiding over the annual session of the 5th term of the Council of Oman for 2012 at the new building of the Council of Oman on November 12, His Majesty advised the youth:

"Remember that work, as much as it is a right, it is a duty as well. Everyone who has completed their education or training has to take up any useful profession which fulfils their sense of being and through which they can strive to achieve their ambitions, rather than wait to get a government job. The state, with all its civil, security and military institutions, cannot continue to be the main source of employment, as this calls for a capacity beyond its reach and a mission that the state cannot sustain forever. The citizens have to understand that the private sector is the real source of employment in the long run. Hence they should not hesitate to join the private sector and must not desert their jobs therein."

It is time for the youth to realise that each one of them has the responsibility to take advantage of their energy to make a positive impact in the community and area of excellence to fulfill the dream the leader has for his country.

Omanis are proud of their past, their rich heritage and their sacred traditions. They are also proud of what they have accomplished under His Majesty's leadership and it is on this base that all Omanis are poised and determined to build a better society for themselves, their children and for the people of this world. We hope that the coming years will be full of laurels and development for our beloved country.


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Reader Comments

A really Unique personality not just among leaders of the Middle East...but a role model for the whole world....Long Live His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

This is my fourth country in gulf. I after working in Oman I never tried to go another country for employment. I find peace, comfort and safe under wise and able leadership of H.M.Qaboos Bin Said,Sultan of Oman. Hope we cheer his success another 100 years . Long live H.M.Qaboos Bin Said,Sultan of Oman.

I feel that there is no comparison at present to H.M.Qaboos Bin Said,Sultan of Oman.As one who has seen all major & minor developments...from 1975...I can vouch for the authenticity of the Ruler of Oman. His attitude towards his subjects is the most sincere & genuine...devoid of any personal benefits...where,welfare of the people was the only goal...and this continues till today...May he live another 100 years to further the prosperity & progress under his wise leadership...Long Live Sultan Qaboos...Long Live Oman.

All Expats are grateful to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said for the comforatable and peaceful stay in the Sultante.The country has become a second native for every expat coming here.On 42nd National Anniversary,we pray the almighty to give good health and long life to His Majesty to lead the country in the years ahead.We are very proud to be part of the Economic develoment of this country.

Happy 42nd National day Oman