Oman is ninth in diabetes prevalence

Muscat: Oman Diabetes Association, in collaboration with Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis, has urged Omanis to act to reduce the incidence of diabetes in the country through awareness raising activities.

According to local doctors, Oman is ranked ninth among countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world, and about 15 per cent of Oman's population is living with the disease. In Muscat alone, over 17 per cent of the population has diabetes higher than the rest of the country.

Type 2 diabetes is commonly caused by obesity another major health problem in Oman where, according to a recent local study, three to nine per cent of pre-school children, 12 to 15 per cent of school children, 15 to 45 per cent of adolescents and up to 75 per cent of adult males are obese in the country.


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