Sultan School joins hands with safety ambassadors

Almost every one of us knows someone who has lost a loved one in road accidents. We have mobilised our efforts with these Omani role models to drive this important message home. Graeme Garrett Principal of The Sultan's School

Muscat: In an effort to raise awareness among youths about responsible driving habits, The Sultan's School administration and Parent Teacher Association hosted Hamed Al Wahaibi and Ali Al Habsi, ambassadors of Safety First, Oman's leading not-for-profit road safety campaigning organisation. The ambassadors connected with students and highlighted the life-altering consequences a mistake on the road can cause. 

"As educators, we are constantly searching for ways to equip our students with skills that will help them find the right path and reach their full potential. Promoting a healthy lifestyle through safe driving is one way," said Graeme Garrett, Principal of The Sultan's School.

"Almost every one of us at the school knows someone who has lost a loved one as a result of road accidents and trying to raise awareness by simply handing out posters and flyers is no longer effective. We have therefore mobilised our efforts with these Omani role models to drive this important message home to our students."
Oman national football team captain and English Premier League star Ali Al Habsi said, "Through Safety First, our goal is to humanise such risks in order for road users to be conscious of their actions and practise safe driving."

Speaking to the students, Hamed Al Wahaibi, international rally champion, explained that every hour a person is injured in a car accident and that every eight hours someone loses their life. He said, "Being safe on the road is a decision made by every person".


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i find it that the time has come to raise the age limit on driving license.