Majlis A’Shura reviews draft budget

Muscat: Majlis A'Shura's Economic Committee reviewed the draft budget for 2013 in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Sulaim bin Ali Al Hakmani, Head of the committee.

The meeting discussed its report on the draft budget of the State 2013, referred to the Majlis by the government as per the contents of the report of items, statistics and data like oil and gas revenues, in terms of production, price, production estimates and total spending, in terms of current civil expenditures, defence and security expenditures, gas production expenditures, investment in companies, other expenditures and development expenses, expenditures related to support of electricity and oil products and recruitment topic.

The meeting reviewed the status in terms of public debt, the govt reserve funds, state-owned investment funds and its recommendations, comments and proposals to be submitted to the Majlis in the meetings to be held at the end of November in the presence of the Minister Responsible for Financial Affairs.


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