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Venus International gets distribution of F&D products

Muscat: VTrue 2 Value LLC - Dubai (F&D), a global audio major with its presence in over 80 countries is aggressively expanding its reach in Middle East countries. With a modest start in 1993, F&D today is one of the major international audio brands.

With a major focus on audio, F&D today has over 50 models in its robust range and is constantly innovating to ensure that consumers in any part of the world enjoy best quality sound. More than 30 products of F&D have been accredited with innovation awards and brand and is ISO 9000-14001 certified.

F&D has now appointed Venus International as the distributor for Oman. Venus International carries many years of experience and an excellent reputation in the Oman market and is keen to introduce this internationally fastest growing audio brand into the local market. With focus on quality and constant product innovation F&D is today the leading audio player in major Asian and Eastern Europe markets.


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