Dry cough natural treatment

Coughing is a natural way to get rid of the harmful foreign substances from the throat. Normally, a URTI is the main cause of having cough but sometimes a person experiences cough without any particular infection which is commonly known as "Dry cough".

Antihistamine for Dry Cough

There are various conventional dry cough remedies that are filled up with unnecessary additional ingredients. If the dry cough is caused due to postnasal drip or an allergy, it can be ideally cured by using antihistamines. Antihistamines help to dry out secretions, thus making them difficult to expel and worsening sinusitis. Antihistamine usually causes drowsiness. So, it can be taken only during the night time.

To sum up: The antihistamine aids to treat post nasal drip that usually results in dry coughing and irritated throat. Best antihistamine includes Benadryl-diphenhydramine, Zyrtec-cetirizine and Claritin-loratadine.

Lozenges for Dry Cough
Lozenges contain cough suppressants and also other valuable ingredients that help to provide pain relief and also to combat bacterial infections leading to sore throat. Lozenges may contain cold and flu tablets and cough medicine. Some lozenges may also contain local anesthetic, so it is essential not to indulge in eating and drinking of hot items as it may burn your mouth.Lozenges are widely available in sugar-free versions.It is not suitable for children, hence caution is advised.

Saline Nasal Spray for Dry Cough
Saline nasal spray is the best antihistamine that helps to improve symptoms of dry cough by targeting post nasal symptoms that cause mucus to drip into the throat, resulting in dry cough and congestion. Saline nasal spray moistens the nasal tissue, helps in thinning of mucus and also liquefies the secretions that in turn assists in easy removal of mucus.

According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, if this condition is left untreated there is a risk of crusting in the sinus cavities. Therefore, it helps in treating and preventing dry cough symptoms effectively.You can easily get an over the counter saline solution or can also make one at home.It is best to talk with your allergist or doctor about the use of this natural remedy to keep your nose clear from debris and thick mucus that helps you to breathe better.

Steam Inhalation
Steam inhalation is done to introduce warm, moist air into the lungs via the nose and throat for therapeutic benefits.You can also add essential oils for additional relief. It is an ancient therapeutic inhalation technique used by Egyptians. Steam inhalation is effective and serves as a simple home remedy to curb numerous health issues relating to cough.

It acts like an expectorant that results in clearer secretions and thus lubricating the irritated respiratory tract. Steam inhalation also has significant benefits on throat and lungs as it is an effective natural expectorant which helps to relax your muscles, thereby relieving dry coughing. Inhaling steam also aids in prevention of excessive drying of the mucous membranes. It is a cheap and effective technique to treat dry cough and is widely exercised across the globe.

Thyme Tea for Dry Cough
Thyme is an excellent expectorant that contains many substances that relax your respiratory tract. Its tea is one of the best natural remedy for dry cough. It can be prepared by placing 2 tablespoons of fresh thyme or 1 tablespoon of dried thyme in a cup of hot water.Let it steep for some time.  Then drain out the herb, add honey according to your taste and drink to treat dry cough naturally.

Proper Hydration
Drink lots of fluids such as water,clear soups and fruit juices as it can calm your throat thus reducing dry coughing because boosting your fluids intake aids to dilute mucus secretions, decreasing the urge to cough.Fluids are also very essential if a person is down with fever, because fever can dry up your body's fluids, which can result in dehydration.

Cough Syrup for Dry Cough

Usage of cough syrup is another way to suppress dry cough. Apart from using over the counter syrups which contain certain chemicals as well, you can make your own cough syrup at home by blending one tablespoon of honey with two tablespoons of lemon juice and you can add a pinch of cayenne pepper. The lemon helps to treat inflammation and gives the infection combating vitamin C, while the honey coats your throat and soothes your irritated tissues.The cayenne pepper hastens the healing process and boosts circulation in the affected area.You can also add freshly grated onion instead of cayenne pepper.Onions have irritating compounds that stimulates the cough reflex and brings up phlegm.

Honey for Dry Cough

Drinking lemon water or warm tea containing honey is also beneficial for treating sore throat. Honey is effective in suppressing dry cough. According to a research conducted by the University Of Maryland Medical Center,usage of honey is more effective than prescription medications especially for dry cough. Drinking two tablespoons of honey before going to bed, added in herbal tea or with warm water may aid for suppression.

Garlic for Dry Cough
Garlic is an old home remedy to treat dry cough and it is used as an ingredient in various forms in herbal cough syrup,tea etc. It actually hydrates and moistens the dry throat thus preventing dry cough.You can make your own garlic cough syrup very easily by cutting down few garlic cloves and placing them into a jar of honey (until fully covered by honey) into a refrigerator for a fortnight. One tablespoon of this mix, if used daily, will aid to alleviate your cough. Warm garlic tea with honey also helps to relief dry cough. You can also add ginger to the tea for better results. Another easy method is to boil 2 cups of water with 5 cloves of garlic. Once it has been boiled, strain the mix and drink the water for dry cough relief.

Kiran Zahra, Certified holistic Nutrition Therapist, SNHS,UK.


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This article is really helpful. I have severe dry cough due to allergies and PND. I used to take garlic with little salt, red chilli powder and oil when I had a dry cough.